E3Bio is managed by a team of experienced drug development professionals

David J. Grainger Ph.D

Chief Scientific Officer & Chief Executive Officer

After spending 15 years at Cambridge University leading an internationally-recognised laboratory investigating the causes of coronary heart disease, David founded Funxional Therapeutics, where he became the Chief Scientific Officer, developing FX125L, a novel anti-inflammatory agent for the treatment of asthma and other diseases with a chronic inflammatory component. Following the sale of FX125L in July 2012, David joined Index Ventures as a Venture Partner, where he was responsible for the creation, development and sale of XO1 and the creation of E3Bio.

Gayle Chapman Ph.D

VP Research & Development

With close to 20 years experience in the sector, Gayle has managed numerous project teams and their successful delivery of drug product candidates. Gayle’s expertise is built on experience across a diverse range of organisations, from large and small pharmaceuticals (GSK, Medimmune, UCB, Celltech) through to virtual development companies (Actigen, Catalyst) and supporting drug discovery within an academic environment.

Jonathan M Davies D.Phil

Patents Manager

After 21 years as a Partner at patent law firm Reddie and Grose, where he established the successful Cambridge office, Jo now acts as patent manager and intellectual property advisor for a number of biotech companies, including X01, STX Pharma and E3Bio.

Jill Reckless PhD

Head of Biology

After more than 15 years experience at Cambridge University as an academic scientist involved in the development of novel anti-inflammatory drugs  Jill founded RxCelerate in 2012, an out-sourcing drug development platform, which specialises in providing a complete preclinical and clinical development programme to the pharmaceutical, and biotech sector.  Jill was Head of Biology for Funxional Therapeutics and has been involved in the biology of E3Bio from its creation. 

David Fox D.Phil

Head of Chemistry

David joined University of Warwick in 2006 and now holds the position of Associate Professor in the Department of Chemistry with a focus on medicinal chemistry and CMC to support therapeutics discovery. Prior to joining the E3Bio team, David lead the chemistry program at Funxional Therapeutics where he co-discovered the small molecule anti-inflammatory drug FX125L which was successfully sold in July 2012.  David completed his doctorate in Oxford and held post doctoral positions at Cambridge.