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Clearance of cell debris is the key process in healthy aging

Diet, exercise and genetics determine your rate of clearance

Cell debris is cleared by the body exploiting two key mechanisms, phagocytosis and autophagy

E3Bio are developing a first in class molecule to stimulate clearance allowing effective regeneration

Stimulators of Phagocytosis


Mechanism for the clearance of extracellular debris
Debris engulfed by vesicles in the plasma membrane
After ingestion, macromolecules are broken down in lysosomes
Principal mechanism for clearing apopototic cell corpses



Stimulators of Autophagy


Mechanism for the clearance of intracellular debris
Debris formed into an 'autophagosome'
Macromolecules are broken down in the autophagosome
Principal mechanism for clearing misfolded proteins and insoluble protein aggregates